stagingNahjtech is now offering the staging facility to our clients which will reduce 50% on site installation time reduction and will help in delivering the project on time to increase revenue for our valuable clients.

Equipment testing in staging environment is an effective way of addressing initial customer frustration and expenses of out of factory and early operation failures. Such process speeds up initial delivery times and minimizes deployment costs.

Nahjtech will work with the customer to create a detailed testing procedure for each equipment order and ensure that quality assurance measures and inspections are fully documented for each unit.

Greenfield installation and commissioning with Nahjtech staging facility.
• Pioneer in all faucet of telecommunication equipment warehousing and staging services in the Middle East.
• Reduces deployment cost by speeding up delivery times and eliminating jargons in the end-user premises.
• Ensure the readiness of physical built up of equipment as per engineering design for the last mile delivery.
• Effective way of curbing commissioning, software upgrades, burn-in and confidence trial testing to meet customer SLA.