Site Survey

Nahjtech site survey specialists audit your installation location and condition, and collect relevant data required to prepare your site for deployment. The site survey report includes the existing equipment layout and footprint, cable and wiring layout, and rack layout. It also identifies required materials for installation, specifications, documents, procedures, tools & test equipment.

Optical Nodes Testing: Nahjtech is the only submarine & Photonic testing service provider in the Middle East region and has own set of tools & expertise in testing of optical nodes for OTN, SDH/DWDM & Fixed access networks.

Fiber characterization

Nahjtech has capability to perform the fiber characterization on different spans length of fiber with having own set of tools and experts to perform fiber characterization for major clients such as CIENA for ETISALAT in Middle East. This service verifies the integrity and capacity of your fibers through the measurement of key fundamental properties, such as attenuation, reflectance, and dispersion. Our expert technical engineers clean all optical ferrules and bulkheads involved in the connection path, and then perform bi-directional Optical Time Domain Reflectance (OTDR) testing, Chromatic Dispersion (CD) testing, and Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) testing. Upon completion, you receive complete documented test results, including test gear setup parameters

Engineering documentation

NAHJTECH has capability to generate the engineering documentation after the site surveys which includes DND, IRM requirement & installation floor plans

Site Engineering

The Site Engineering includes:

  • Site preparation requirements, including the physical and environmental changes required to sustain the equipment.
    Power support requirements, such as the quantities and specifications of power supply equipment, distribution frames, grounding plates, etc.
  • Detailed room installation diagrams, which identify rack locations, equipment installation locations, and cable deployment.
    Installation Materials list (IRMs).
  • Site Installation Materials Supply

We order and track all your required installation materials, including the required overhead and chassis racks, cable trays and fiber ducts, power cable and fibers, distribution frames, if required, and all accessories necessary for the installation.

Hardware Audit and Installation

We inspect your site prior to installation, to verify all pre-installation requirements are met. If required, site preparation services can be arranged separately. We then unpack and check all delivered equipment at your installation site, inventory the materials, and ensure they match the Bill of Material as per final Design. We also examine the equipment arrival condition to be sure they meet your quality standards. All shortages or issues will be reported on timely manner.

We cover all aspects of the physical installation of your network equipment; racks, shelves, and system modules, including the installation of rack supports, fiber ducts, power cables and terminations to each chassis. We label the equipment shelves, power cables, intra-node fiber and data cables to your standards.

Commission and Test

After power up, we first install the system software, perform internal configuration of your equipment, run software self inspection, and perform any relevant network optimization. Then, we conduct stand-alone equipment test, link test, and span test; verify remote control and supervision of the equipment by the network management software, and confirm alarm functionality. We also conduct system tests for trial runs and final acceptance runs to your specifications, and provide complete test result documentation.

Site/Network Acceptance

After completing the system test, your installation is fully managed through final acceptance. We perform a site clean-up and conduct a final quality audit on the installed system. We take you on an acceptance walk-through using comprehensive checklists to ensure all aspects of system/network acceptance are covered and all your requirements are met. At the end, you receive a complete engineering pack (as-built documents), with a signed quality and installation inspection checklists, and system acceptance test results.