About Us

Who are we?

Nahjtech is an end-to-end technical service provider to the telecommunications industry. We have the necessary expertise, experience and tools to support Network operators and other Service providers to build, expand, modernize, improve and manage their Networks. Our company has worldwide presence.

Founded in 1991, Nahjtech has grown to become one of the leading Telecommunications and IT service providers in the Middle East.  In twenty five years, it has built an enviable reputation by focusing on service quality, deployment proficiency and troubleshooting agility. In addition, Nahjtech developed extensive knowledge of best practices delivering the best value of your deployment investment.   

Why Nahjtech?

In modern connected world, customers demand the very best of services and products from their providers. That in turn require higher bandwidth and faster project delivery to keep pace with your customer’s demands.  Nahjtech has the necessary capacity, knowledge, expertise and tools to help your engineers  build your network and service offerings to keep your customers satisfied.


  • Prime focus on Quality of service to gain your customer satisfaction
  • Broad experience acquired across the region in terms of projects rollout and local processes
  • Multifunctional capability to provide a comprehensive delivery service for your turnkey deployments
  • Highly skilled engineers, keeping up with new products training and your certification requirements
  • Flexible company structure and ease to expand upon your customer needs in the region
  • Competitive prices due to its time and cost efficient service delivery models.

We are committed to our customers to deliver superior support services, always faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost than any of our competitors in the Middle East.

We support every implementation aspect of your network, enabling you to accelerate revenue generation and differentiate your service offerings from the start.

We strive for total quality of services and continuous improvement of our employees’ skills, processes and tools in use.