De-installation Service

Our de-installation service can ensure a safe and careful removal of equipment from live telecoms environments. With over 25 years of experience, our people are pedantically trained to work in highly technical environments….

We offer below technical services in the de-installation scope

• Full survey of equipment to be de-installed
• Engineers experienced in working in live data centre/ switch room environments
• Method Statements and Risk Assessments
• Compliance with Health & Safety regulations
• Careful disruption-free engineering service
• Cable mining and recovery -Coax -Ethernet -Fibre Optic
• Flexible working hours
• Specialist lifting trolleys to move racks up to 900kg
• Full disposal of equipment, cable and all recovered materials
• Project Management services for complex projects
• Option of transport of equipment between multiple sites

De-installation Service Benefits

All of our Asset Recovery services are available either individually or packaged into a turnkey solution. Here are some key benefits of our de-installation service

• Improve stock visibility, control and call-back of parts at any time
• Minimize the Opex by reducing the cost of transportation & Warehouse
• Reduce the capex by re-using the deinstalled parts in same facility for staging new sites